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Bryan McAuliffe is our Independent Financial Advisor covering The Isle of Wight and southern England.

Bryan provides local financial advice services in Southern England, and he is based in the centre of the Isle of Wight.

He has over 16 years of experience in providing financial advice to clients, ranging from simple advice to more complex financial planning.

Bryan holds a variety of financial qualifications in the Investment, Pensions, Tax, Trusts and Long Term Care areas, to name a few. 

Bryan specialises in dealing with the financial problems, concerns and aspirations experienced by those approaching or already in retirement. These areas include:

Inheritance Tax advice

From planning the prevention of the death tax through gifts, trusts and special investments that are accessible but not subject to the tax, to funding for grandchildren’s future education. Reducing or eliminating liability to Inheritance Tax whilst maintaining the necessary control over one’s assets is a complex and specialist area.

Long Term Care provision

Advice on how to self fund, annuities (income) that pay for the care tax free, and how to structure assets so that they will not be eaten up in care costs. Commonly this involves running forecasts on funding directly from capital, funding from long term care products and comparing the two to assist in making the right choice.

Retirement income provision

Clear advice on the myriad of products and options available at retirement, to provide you the income you want and the features and flexibility you need. Simple annuities; enhanced annuities for those with medical conditions or lifestyle choices that could reduce life expectancy (such as smokers or those who take medication); income drawdown for those who want their money to stay invested and the flexibility to vary their income whilst maximising the death benefits available; Qualifying Recognised Offshore Pensions Schemes for those departing the UK, who may want to leave the pension to their children.

Pension portfolio maintenance

Keeping the pension funds in a portfolio of funds that are suitable to your level of comfort with risk, while making the most of the current conditions in the markets.

Capital Investments

Advice on the investment vehicles that are right for you, from onshore or offshore bonds, Individual Savings Accounts and OEIC’s or unit trusts and assets qualifying for Business Property Relief.

Investment portfolio maintenance

Once your capital is placed you need an advisor that will look over the investment portfolio and make worthwhile suggestions. Great funds of old, can be the dogs of today. But many clients do not receive this ongoing advice, which is an essential part of an investment strategy, to ensure that an investment strategy remains correct in the years to come. This is true of pensions, investments and any product that contains funds and choice.

Please give Bryan a call or send an email, so we can begin to put your money to work and let you relax.

Email: bryan.m@ingardifm.co.uk

Direct Line: 01983 884362

Office: 01702 533400

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